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Health Surveillance of Groups At Risk  - We can carry out a survey to establish your company’s health surveillance requirements, Examples of this might include respiratory function, hepatitis B screening, noise / hearing screening, lead and manganese levels, etc. We can also carry out health surveillance at your discretion if, for example, your company has identified a specific requirement for screening and might include statutory health screening under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations. The examination formats vary depending on the need for surveillance and may include a questionnaire, physical examination, or specific tests.

Company Medical Officer Scheme  - As outsourcing of occupational health becomes commonplace, it is often difficult to obtain good quality occupational health advice about those small but often very important issues which do not require a formal assessment. Forming policy with an OH component also becomes difficult without specialist advice. The company medical officer scheme overcomes this, giving you a named point of contact to act as your company medical officer with same day access to deal with issues as they arise and talk you through the complexities of OH and its' related employment issues.
Fit For Task Assessments"Fit to work" or "fitness to work" is a medical assessment done so that an employer can assess if an employee can safely do a specific job or task. The medical assessment determines if an employee is medically fit to perform the job or task that they are employed to do.
Vision Assessments - There is no reliable evidence that work with display screen equipment (DSE) causes any permanent damage to eyes or eyesight but it may make users with pre-existing vision defects more aware of them. Uncorrected vision defects can make work at display screens more tiring and/or stressful.Vision Screening plays an important role in industry because it can provide a general overview of employee’s visual disorders, detecting those where corrective action should be taken.
Health ScreeningProfessional ,occupational nursing practitioners and other health professionals will  visit  clients  on  a  periodical  basis to conduct a Medical surveillance programme ( according  to  the  OHS Act no: 85 fo 1993 and related regulations.
The Following  services  will then be delivered based on the findings of an Occupational health risk – analysis :
• Physical Medical Examination of Employees
• Audiometric Screening (Hearing tests)
• Spirometry (Lung function tests)
• Laboratory tests (blood, urine etc. as required by Hazardous Chemical Substance Regulation)
• Flu Vaccinations
• Hepatitis (A/B) Vaccinations
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