Your partner in Occupational Health
Dr Raakesh Samsunder has been extensively involved in the occupational health and wellness industry since 2004.  He launched MIDOC, a centre for occupational health excellence in January 2010.  MIDOCíS team of occupational health professions have a wealth of knowledge, experience and resources in occupational health. We are fully equipped to meet all your occupational health needs in a way that compliments your business objectives while providing value for money. We listen and customise our services accordingly.
MIDOC  employs nursing staff and doctors who are both registered and qualified in occupational health. We also have access to an array of Occupational Health consultants from industry and academia. We pride ourselves on punctually delivering a high quality of service at the right price .
The People
People are key. We have a caring culture with people who deliver our services in a sensitive way in order to ensure the health of our customers. We believe that given the right environment and information people will work to the best of their ability.
Client relationships
MIDOC has excellent relationships with its customers. We ensure that our objectives continue to be in tune with those of our customers. We offer a personalized service and trust and confidentiality is maintained at all times.
Our Vision To be the industry leader, service provider of choice and deliver on our promises
Our Values Honesty, Respect, Integrity, Ethics, Dignity, Knowledge and Service
Our Mission “To work better, simpler, smarter together”
Prior to implementation and ongoing management, our professional team will conduct an audit of your health needs. This includes an assessment of your company's specific onsite health needs and work-related health risks as well as an evaluation prior to recommendation of all relevant legislation. Following the audit, a proposal is presented to management, detailing the recommended services and plans for implementation and management.
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